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An Effective and Talented Public Speaker: Gary Kapanowski

Public speaking is perhaps one of the most common fears of people throughout the world. The ability to effectively impact people through public presentation and speech is a valuable skill that few possess. Gary Kapanowski, a longtime accounting professional, has many years of experience creating and delivering presentations to both large and small groups of people. He understands that though public speaking tends to be an intimidating endeavor for millions of people, it is also a valuable opportunity to educate and inspire, as well as to have a lasting impact in people’s lives.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski is no stranger to a public presentation. He has participated in countless speaking and presentational engagements throughout his professional career, and has become sought-after for his ability to effectively communicate with audiences of various sizes and in various environments. Gary Kapanowski has delivered high-quality presentations to audiences ranging anywhere from 5 to 1500 people, and has the ability to effectively communicate organizational goals to either a professional or an educational audience.

Gary Kapanowski has created and provided presentations both with and without the assistance of visual aids. He is capable of making the most of technology to enhance his the effectiveness of his presentations, including the Internet, radio and PowerPoint. Regardless of the size of the nature of his audience, Gary Kapanowski is proven to have the public speaking skills necessary to effectively get his point across, and to provide informative and engaging presentations that leave a lasting impact on the audience. He continues to provide inspiration and education to many throughout the professional community.


Gary Kapanowski: Improving the Local Community

Gary Kapanowski has a vested interest in making his local community a better place. As a former volunteer for the Macomb Literacy Partners organization, Gary Kapanowski provided many adults throughout Macomb County with the tutoring and life coaching they needed to become more productive and more successful members of society.

The Macomb Literacy Partners organization relies on the support of volunteers to carry out its primary mission, which is to improve literacy rates throughout the local community. A Macomb volunteer for over two years, Gary Kapanowski provided an invaluable public service, one that continues to resonate throughout the local area to this day. His accomplishments with Macomb include the elimination of student turnover and a vast improvement in overall student participation, which helped the organization become a more effective and efficient advocate for adult literacy.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski has a willingness to help others reach and achieve their goals, which is evident in his past commitment to the Macomb organization. As an effective communicator and attentive tutor, Gary Kapanowski was able to provide the instruction and guidance necessary to improve overall student progress, and to help Macomb live up to and fulfill its mission. He developed comprehensive lesson plans which were targeted at enhancing students’ ability to read, write and understand mathematics.

The strength of any community depends on the generosity of its people. Volunteers like Gary Kapanowski are what make local communities better and more prosperous places to live. His efforts to empower local citizens with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve have made a lasting and positive difference in the lives of everyone in the Macomb area.

Gary Kapanowski: Volunteer Tutor

Gary Kapanowski is proud to have volunteered his time and expertise to the Macomb Literacy Partners organization, which works to eliminate the scourge of adult illiteracy through high-quality, one-on-one tutoring. Macomb Literacy Partners has provided over 4000 people with the opportunity to develop and improve their writing, reading and public speaking ability since 1984.

Gary Kapanowski worked with both the organization and its students for two years, helping to develop lesson plans, evaluating and tracking student progress and working one on one with students to increase literacy rates and improve their math, writing, reading and language skills. Gary Kapanowski committed four hours a week to providing attentive and focused teaching and tutoring to Macomb students, and was instrumental in improving the organization’s turnover rates, increasing overall student participation and improving student’s lives.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski is proud of the work he accomplished with the Macomb Literacy Partners organization, and of having a positive impact on the lives of so many people. His ability to connect and communicate with Macomb students helped to improve many people’s ability to both read and write, and demonstrated his capacity not only for mentorship, but also his compassion and care for the local community. Gary Kapanowski was an invaluable asset to an organization that provides invaluable assistance to many throughout Macomb County.

Gary Kapanowski understands how important it is to empower people with the ability to both read and write, and that literacy is important to both the health and strength of every local community. He supports any effort to make his community a better place to live, and hopes to continue to have a resonating and positive impact on people’s lives for many years to come.

Accomplished Mentor and Trainer: Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski understands what is needed to lead a professional team; to not only delegate responsibility and create professional accountability, but also to provide that team with the tools and guidance needed to meet company objectives and exceed expectations. As a team leader, Gary Kapanowski also understands what is needed teach, train and mentor his fellow business professionals, and to improve their opportunities for professional success and goal completion.

Gary Kapanowski has extensive experience as a corporate trainer, someone who is capable improving employee knowledge of various business processes and systems and empowering his coworkers with the tools needed to become more efficient and effective assets to the company. He has created and delivered numerous high-quality training presentations for Williams International in 2002. Gary Kapanowski has also delivered effective training on the use of Microsoft Office applications, which includes Excel, Access and PowerPoint. He provided this training for the Williams International organization between 2002 and 2003.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

One of Gary Kapanowski’s major accomplishments in corporate training came as a member of the Institute of Management Accountants, or IMA, between 2005 and 2007. With the creation of a high-quality, efficient and effective Benchmarking and Balance Scorecard for nonprofit membership based organizations, Gary Kapanowski developed a process that allowed organizations to improve both customer and member retention and better enable themselves to effectively achieve organizational goals. This accomplishment earned him the 2006 Finance Executive of the Year Award from the IMA and Robert Half International.

Gary Kapanowski has also provided Cendrowski Selecky and Williams International with policy, procedure and work paper referencing training and update during his tenure as a professional trainer.

Gary Kapanowski: Pursuing Leadership Opportunities

Gary Kapanowski is certainly no stranger to leadership. He is constantly looking for ways to stay involved, and to hone his leadership skill, a fact that is evident in his extensive history of involvement in multiple professional organizations during his professional accounting career. Gary Kapanowski seeks out and capitalizes on any opportunity to be a part of a professional decision-making process, earning him distinction and respect throughout the professional community.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski has been a member of the government, the Defense industry and Infrastructure (GDI) Contractors, which allowed him to both discuss and support GDI social and business issues he believes were vital to the continued protection of national security and defense. He has volunteered for the Michigan Defense Industrial Base Expo in 2011, and was a member of the National Defense industrial Association. From 2006 to 2008, Gary Kapanowski served as the Vice President of the Detroit Chapter of the Michigan Alumni Association, providing invaluable leadership and input into the organization’s decision-making process, and was also a member of the UMAA Detroit Chapter Board of Governors during that time.

Gary Kapanowski is also proud to be a founding member of the Michigan State University Metro Detroit MBA Network Association in 2004, providing MSU MBA alums throughout the area with an invaluable professional networking resource that continues to thrive to this day. His involvement in organizational leadership has been an a valuable boost to his career, and has also made him one of the most respected and well known business and accounting professionals in the entire Detroit area.

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