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Gary Kapanowski: Improving the Local Community

Gary Kapanowski has a vested interest in making his local community a better place. As a former volunteer for the Macomb Literacy Partners organization, Gary Kapanowski provided many adults throughout Macomb County with the tutoring and life coaching they needed to become more productive and more successful members of society.

The Macomb Literacy Partners organization relies on the support of volunteers to carry out its primary mission, which is to improve literacy rates throughout the local community. A Macomb volunteer for over two years, Gary Kapanowski provided an invaluable public service, one that continues to resonate throughout the local area to this day. His accomplishments with Macomb include the elimination of student turnover and a vast improvement in overall student participation, which helped the organization become a more effective and efficient advocate for adult literacy.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski has a willingness to help others reach and achieve their goals, which is evident in his past commitment to the Macomb organization. As an effective communicator and attentive tutor, Gary Kapanowski was able to provide the instruction and guidance necessary to improve overall student progress, and to help Macomb live up to and fulfill its mission. He developed comprehensive lesson plans which were targeted at enhancing students’ ability to read, write and understand mathematics.

The strength of any community depends on the generosity of its people. Volunteers like Gary Kapanowski are what make local communities better and more prosperous places to live. His efforts to empower local citizens with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve have made a lasting and positive difference in the lives of everyone in the Macomb area.