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Gary Kapanowski: Corporate Trainer

Gary Kapanowski is an authority in many business processing systems, including: Microsoft Office, Crystal Report Writer, Material Replenishment System, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Financial Accounting Software, Minitab, and Sequal. While all of these programs are important to Gary Kapanowski’s success as a business professional, he also understands that computer skills are vital for all individuals if they are to be competitive in today’s market. This is why Gary Kapanowski works in corporate training, as a way to bring his expert knowledge to other business professionals.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

He also serves as a mentor to younger businessmen, teaching them not only the technical aspects of the job, but also working with them on communication skills, confidence, and management practices. By working with up and coming business leaders in the technical computer aspects of their job, Gary Kapanowski is able to assist them in developing a more effective and efficient business model.

Gary Kapanowski performed specific training and mentoring on areas related to: effective presentation giving, benchmarking and balance score card for non-profit based organizations with high turnover ratios, policy and procedure referencing update training, and mentoring team members in organization and growth opportunities.

Gary Kapanowski uses leadership experience in ways beneficial to his community including adult tutoring in math and literacy. His involvement keeps skills current and informed of leadership opportunities.

While not directly related to training corporate leaders, Gary Kapanowski works with businesses in Lean Six Sigma to reduce business waste and improve profitability. His Lean Six Sigma certification indicates Gary Kapanowski’s expertise in developing lean manufacturing, lean offices, lean problem solving skills, and statistical process control.


Gary Kapanowski: Public Speaker

Gary Kapanowski is a successful business professional and teacher. Both of these positions require a high level of confidence and effective communication skills. Gary Kapanowski has given hundreds of public presentations in a variety of environments. One of the reasons that he is so sought after by organizations is for his unique ability to communicate with audiences of all kinds.

Beyond his professional career, Gary Kapanowski also volunteers as a literacy tutor. Clearly, he is able to reach a wide range of audiences whether teaching within the community or teaching at the college level. Gary Kapanowski’s comfort in front of such a wide range of audiences has allowed him to impact thousands of individuals. Gary Kapanowski uses technology, personal experience, and humor to effectively influence his audience and provide important information.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski is comfortable speaking before large and small audiences. Throughout his history as a public speaker, he has addressed audiences as few as 5 people to as large as 1,500. His lectures and speeches have been educational, professional, and social in nature, set in many different environments.

Despite the audience size Gary Kapanowski speaks before, he is adapt at working with or without presentation tools. Gary Kapanowski’s public speaking is engaging and without visual aids, he keeps is audience’s attention by creating dialogue and discussion. When using visual aids, Gary Kapanowski includes various media, internet, PowerPoint, and radio.

Gary Kapanowski has presented at various businesses in addition to educational settings. He is a lecturer at Lawrence Technological University Professional Development Center where he works towards his Master Public Speaker certification.

Gary Kapanowski: Travel Enthusiast

Gary Kapanowski is a certified instructor and business professional trained in the business system Lean Six Sigma. During his successful business career, Gary Kapanowski has made time to travel all over the world. Valuing both hard work and recreation, Gary Kapanowski believes that traveling is one of the best ways to relax, learn about yourself and others, and have fun. Over the years, Gary Kapanowski has visited international locations like Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, and Spain. Europe is one of Gary Kapanowski’s favorite places to travel because of the historical sights, the food, and the music.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Traveling can be a great way to learn about other cultures, take some time away from the stresses in your everyday life, and experience new and exciting activities. For Gary Kapanowski, he balances travel and work to foster a well-balanced personal life. International travel has taught Gary Kapanowski about himself as well, providing insight into his ability to appreciate each country for its own values and his interest in learning about foreign business and social structures.

Gary Kapanowski encourages travel for all business professionals. Experiencing new cultures as a traveler fosters a greater appreciation for diversity in the workplace. He quickly learned business practices differ between European countries, as they do between American businesses, but despite their differences, each operates in an organized and efficient way. Traveling internationally is beneficial for individuals and businesses, and Gary Kapanowski recommends traveling for anyone with an open mind who is willing to accept that the American way of living and working is not necessarily the best or only way to live a fulfilling life.

Gary Kapanowski: A Career of Accomplishment

Gary Kapanowski is a well-educated and experienced accounting professional, and has provided numerous organizations with reliable, talented and skilled accounting services. As an accounting professional, Gary Kapanowski has accumulated over 15 years of experience working in various industries, companies and organizations, and is proud of what has become an impressive list of accomplishments.

Gary Kapanowski has an extensive accounting skillset, one that has served both him and his employers well over the last 15 years. As a professional in the aviation, advanced manufacturing and defense industries, he provided expert management and development of both Design-to-Cost and Closure plan Reports, and was part of a DCAA compliance team. As a member of this team, Gary Kapanowski was in charge of developing and receiving approval for accounting changes, business plans, forward price rates and overheads. As a member of these industries, he was also involved in regulatory compliance auditing for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Department of Defense, the FAA and more.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski also has extensive performance cycle management, business planning and budgeting experience. He is an expert at the strategic planning and performance needed to formulate effective fiscal management and business plans. Gary Kapanowski is skilled at the generation of quality outcomes through the creation of innovative solutions which align budget, employee tasks and organizational drivers and goals towards to completion of common objectives. He is proficient at streamlining processes and eliminating inefficiencies that hinder company progress and get in the way of organizational success.

Gary Kapanowski is certified in Basic Lean Manufacturing, Lean Problem Solving Tools, Lean Office and Statistical Process Control. He is also certified as a Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma.

Gary Kapanowski: International Traveler

Gary Kapanowski enjoys nothing more than travelling the globe. As a seasoned world traveler, Gary Kapanowski continues to jump on any opportunity to immerse himself in a unique and interesting culture, and to explore a new region, country or city.

As the consummate traveler, Gary Kapanowski has been to many countries throughout the European region, and has enjoyed the opportunity to experience the rich, historical and varied tapestry of the European continent. His travels have taken him through the beautiful and scenic country sides of France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands and Spain, and have introduced him to a variety of local customs and cuisines. Gary Kapanowski is passionate about world travel because it continues to provide him the chance to broaden his cultural and historical perspective, and to improve his understanding of the many varied peoples that inhabit various diverse areas of the globe.

Gary Kapanowski has also had the chance to visit England, and to experience the wonder and expanse of the city of London. He hopes to someday explore both Ireland and Scotland, and to perhaps take a journey to the Northern parts of Scandinavia.

Throughout his travels, Gary Kapanowski has received an education in both the similarities and the differences of numerous human cultures and customs, though he understands that there is much left to explore and see. As an aficionado of world travel, Gary Kapanowski hopes to expand his world view even further through visits to destinations in the Far East, South America and beyond. Many opportunities for exploration, education and adventure await him.

Gary Kapanowski: Lawrence Technological University

Gary Kapanowski is currently a Lecturer and at Lawrence Technological University Professional Development Center. The University, which has been in existence for over 80 years, continues to provide students with an exemplary education in architecture, science, engineering and applied technology.

Gary Kapanowski is proud to be associated with Lawrence Technological University, which was borne from an explosion of innovation in the 1930s. He is currently in pursuit of his Master Public Speaking Certification, and hopes to capitalize on his public speaking experience and education to not only become a more refined and effective public speaker, but to continue to build on what has been an extensive and accomplished professional career. Gary Kapanowski, a seasoned accounting expert, has delivered numerous presentations to audiences in multiple environments and of various sizes, and has consistently displayed a strong public speaking acumen throughout his life. With a Lawrence Public Speaking Certification, he hopes to continue down the road to continued public speaking success.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Currently a university lecturer, Gary Kapanowski has completed a total of 175 hours of lecturing experience, and has enjoyed the opportunity to speak at over 30 events during that time. His experience includes giving presentations to audiences ranging from 5 people to over 1500, as well as public speaking presentations in professional, educational and social environments. Gary Kapanowski also has experience training over 250 Lean Six Sigma Green Belts.

Gary Kapanowski understands how to use technology to optimize the effectiveness of his presentations, and is capable of speaking both with and without the use of visual aids. The different media that Gary Kapanowski has used to enhance his presentational effectiveness include PowerPoint, radio and the internet.