Gary Kapanowski: International Traveler

Gary Kapanowski enjoys nothing more than travelling the globe. As a seasoned world traveler, Gary Kapanowski continues to jump on any opportunity to immerse himself in a unique and interesting culture, and to explore a new region, country or city.

As the consummate traveler, Gary Kapanowski has been to many countries throughout the European region, and has enjoyed the opportunity to experience the rich, historical and varied tapestry of the European continent. His travels have taken him through the beautiful and scenic country sides of France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands and Spain, and have introduced him to a variety of local customs and cuisines. Gary Kapanowski is passionate about world travel because it continues to provide him the chance to broaden his cultural and historical perspective, and to improve his understanding of the many varied peoples that inhabit various diverse areas of the globe.

Gary Kapanowski has also had the chance to visit England, and to experience the wonder and expanse of the city of London. He hopes to someday explore both Ireland and Scotland, and to perhaps take a journey to the Northern parts of Scandinavia.

Throughout his travels, Gary Kapanowski has received an education in both the similarities and the differences of numerous human cultures and customs, though he understands that there is much left to explore and see. As an aficionado of world travel, Gary Kapanowski hopes to expand his world view even further through visits to destinations in the Far East, South America and beyond. Many opportunities for exploration, education and adventure await him.



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