Gary Kapanowski: Public Speaker

Gary Kapanowski is a successful business professional and teacher. Both of these positions require a high level of confidence and effective communication skills. Gary Kapanowski has given hundreds of public presentations in a variety of environments. One of the reasons that he is so sought after by organizations is for his unique ability to communicate with audiences of all kinds.

Beyond his professional career, Gary Kapanowski also volunteers as a literacy tutor. Clearly, he is able to reach a wide range of audiences whether teaching within the community or teaching at the college level. Gary Kapanowski’s comfort in front of such a wide range of audiences has allowed him to impact thousands of individuals. Gary Kapanowski uses technology, personal experience, and humor to effectively influence his audience and provide important information.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski is comfortable speaking before large and small audiences. Throughout his history as a public speaker, he has addressed audiences as few as 5 people to as large as 1,500. His lectures and speeches have been educational, professional, and social in nature, set in many different environments.

Despite the audience size Gary Kapanowski speaks before, he is adapt at working with or without presentation tools. Gary Kapanowski’s public speaking is engaging and without visual aids, he keeps is audience’s attention by creating dialogue and discussion. When using visual aids, Gary Kapanowski includes various media, internet, PowerPoint, and radio.

Gary Kapanowski has presented at various businesses in addition to educational settings. He is a lecturer at Lawrence Technological University Professional Development Center where he works towards his Master Public Speaker certification.



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