Gary Kapanowski: Corporate Trainer

Gary Kapanowski is an authority in many business processing systems, including: Microsoft Office, Crystal Report Writer, Material Replenishment System, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Financial Accounting Software, Minitab, and Sequal. While all of these programs are important to Gary Kapanowski’s success as a business professional, he also understands that computer skills are vital for all individuals if they are to be competitive in today’s market. This is why Gary Kapanowski works in corporate training, as a way to bring his expert knowledge to other business professionals.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

He also serves as a mentor to younger businessmen, teaching them not only the technical aspects of the job, but also working with them on communication skills, confidence, and management practices. By working with up and coming business leaders in the technical computer aspects of their job, Gary Kapanowski is able to assist them in developing a more effective and efficient business model.

Gary Kapanowski performed specific training and mentoring on areas related to: effective presentation giving, benchmarking and balance score card for non-profit based organizations with high turnover ratios, policy and procedure referencing update training, and mentoring team members in organization and growth opportunities.

Gary Kapanowski uses leadership experience in ways beneficial to his community including adult tutoring in math and literacy. His involvement keeps skills current and informed of leadership opportunities.

While not directly related to training corporate leaders, Gary Kapanowski works with businesses in Lean Six Sigma to reduce business waste and improve profitability. His Lean Six Sigma certification indicates Gary Kapanowski’s expertise in developing lean manufacturing, lean offices, lean problem solving skills, and statistical process control.



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