Gary Kapanowski: Michigan Car Shows

Gary Kapanowski is a Lean Six Sigma expert and teacher as well as business professional. His Lean Six Sigma Certification indicates his knowledge and ability to eliminate waste from manufacturing and office environments. Gary Kapanowski not only grows business profitability by eliminating waste, he developed a Balance Scorecard for Institute of Management chapters after an individual meeting with Dr. Robert Kaplan, the inventor of the Balance Scorecard.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

When he is not working hard to bring information and effective business strategies to the professional community, he is also an avid car enthusiast. He is especially fond of Michigan car shows, where his love for car and his passion for his community can come together in a single event. This is evedent by his membership with the Eastern Michigan Camaro Club. His 2013 Hot Wheels Special Edition Convertible Camaro is the latest entrant for this participation. Gary Kapanowski enjoys seeing exotic sports cars, renovated classic cars, and custom cars at car shows. He is most impressed by sports cars because they require not only outer appearance customization, but also internal engine work and skilled mechanical work. By combining both the aesthetic and the technical, custom sports cars require the most effort on the part of the car owner to develop a vehicle that will stand out at a car show. Gary Kapanowski attends car shows around Michigan as a way to participate in local community building.

Cars hold a special significance in Michigan, because the region was built by the historic automotive industry. Many of the automotive manufacturers may have left southeastern Michigan, but manufacturing hasn’t disappeared entirely. Gary Kapanowski looks forward to his new position at Moeller Manufacturing in Wixom, MI.



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