Gary Kapanowski: Teaches Lean Six Sigma

Once Gary Kapanowski received his certificate in Lean Six Sigma from Lawrence Technical University, he saw increased profit and customer satisfaction in his business endeavors. After employing Lean Six Sigma in his own business process, Gary Kapanowski decided to train other business professionals and teach them how to reduce waste and increase profits while also growing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Since 2012, Gary Kapanowski has taught the Lean Six Sigma business process at both the Green and Black belt levels. Lean Six Sigma can eliminate eight kinds of waste, including: Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, and Extra-Processing. Significant savings and profit boosting is essential for long-term success and Gary Kapanowski believes in sharing and teaching this critical business strategy.

Gary Kapanowski

     Gary Kapanowski

As a lecturer at Lawrence Technical University’s Professional Development Center, Gary Kapanowski is able to impact the business decisions and processes of hundreds of up and coming professionals in the area. As both a business professional and teacher, Gary Kapanowski works hard to mentor young businessmen in effective and efficient business strategy. A corporate trainer with plenty of experience talking before large and small audiences, Gary Kapanowski offers specific training in areas such as: effective and efficient presentations, Microsoft Office, Benchmarking and Balance Score Card, policy and procedure and work paper referencing update, mentoring team members for organizations, and growth opportunities.

Gary Kapanowski believes strongly in the success of Lean Six Sigma, but believes equally in the abilities of others. He keeps his skills fresh and encourages continued education and leadership opportunities in the students he routinely teaches or the audiences to whom he lectures.



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