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Gary Kapanowski: How 80’s Rock Music Drives His Business Approach

Gary Kapanowski is trained in Lean Six Sigma business management, which aims to reduce waste, increase customer satisfaction, and heighten profits. Gary Kapanowski became a certified Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma in 2012, through Lawrence Technical University. His certification was for basic manufacturing, office, problem solving tools and statistical process control. In 2013, he completed his Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

While effective and efficient business management is what Gary Kapanowski focuses on in his work, he is also an avid 80’s rock music fan. Gary Kapanowski proudly possesses autographs from music talents like Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Joe Satriani, and other musicians he has met over the years. Gary Kapanowski has always been a fan of rock music, and this passion for creative expression has transferred over into his approach to business management. 80’s rock is all about passion, energy, and power, three things central to Gary Kapanowski’s business strategy. He brings an energetic approach to the Lean Six Sigma process to management.

Gary Kapanowski’s passion for music is clear in the imaginative way he approaches business leaders. Gary Kapanowski is an experienced corporate trainer for various business processes and systems. Additionally, he is a professional development leader and public speaker. He trains eager young professionals in the development of effective and efficient presentations, Microsoft Office, and benchmarking and Balance Score Card. Gary Kapanowski teaches his trainees how to be organized, yet engaging, and it is reflected in the creativity inspired by his love for 80’s rock music.

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Gary Kapanowski: Michigan State University Alumni

Gary Kapanowski is a Michigan State University Alumni, where, as a graduate student, he earned his Masters in Business Administration. While attending Michigan State University, Gary Kapanowski was a member of the internationally renowned business organization Beta Gamma Sigma. Gary Kapanowski went on to win the MSU Sears Team Competition as a graduate student. He also served as vice president of the MBA Association while attending Michigan State University where he worked with student and corporate sponsored activities. Even after graduating from MSU and going on to have high levels of business success, Gary Kapanowski has continued to be an involved member of the MSU Alumni community. Gary Kapanowski was also part of the Community Revitalization Program aimed to grow membership for Michigan State University.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski continues to push his career forward, but already believes he has been successful. In 2006, he won the Financial Executive of the Year Award from Robert Half International and Institute of Management Accountants for the development of the Balance Score Card and responsibility matrix for the Institute of Management Accountants chapters after an individual meeting with Dr. Robert Kaplan, who originally invented the Balance Scorecard. The award recognized Gary Kapanowski’s balance scorecard for customer and volunteer retention and for achieving the organization’s goals.

Today, Gary Kapanowski is committed to helping businesses and business leaders in the Lean Six Sigma business concept designed to retain customers and eliminate business waste. He continues to develop new business skills and look for leadership opportunities. He remains grateful for his early education and encourages young professionals to consider Michigan State University for initial and continuing education.