Just My Type: How Personality Types Influence Six Sigma Roles

Gary Kapanowski regularly works with accounting firms and other businesses using the Six Sigma model. Gary Kapanowski has seen the Six Sigma model work for a myriad of companies, as well as a wide variety of people. However, Gary Kapanowski and his associates are also aware Six Sigma is a people-oriented process and people are always unique. Gary Kapanowski discusses how personality types can influence Six Sigma roles.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski


The Sanguine employee is the one who makes the company fun for everyone else. As Six Sigma team members, they won’t make good project leaders because of disorganization. Gary Kapanowski believes they can contribute great manufacturing ideas and boost morale.


The Choleric is the one who sees work and gets it done quickly and efficiently. He or she is generally right about how an error should be fixed or a problem handled, according to Gary Kapanowski. As mentors, they may make trainees feel imperfect and squashed. Yet as spokespeople and project leaders, they will thrive.


Melancholic people will latch on to the idea that a good Six Sigma product is 0% defective and has no errors. They may get so bogged down in project details that the project never gets finished. However, they are meticulous and conscientious, and can encourage team members when morale is down, according to Gary Kapanowski. This makes them extremely valuable to the team.


Gary Kapanowski says phlegmatic people may resist Six Sigma and other models because they require everyone to learn a new system, which causes conflict. Once they’re used to the model though, Phlegmatics are valuable for their easygoing and calm approach to projects.



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