Untying the Tongue: Mastering Public Speaking with Gary Kapanowski

As one of Detroit’s leading financial experts with a solid background in aviation and defense and in his role as an adult literacy tutor, Gary Kapanowski has plenty of experience in public speaking. Gary Kapanowski’s audiences range from 5 to 1500 people, and he will soon be a certified master public speaker. Gary Kapanowski understands the value of public speaking skills in all fields and shares tips on speaking more confidently.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Calm Down First

Gary Kapanowski understands the fear inherent in public speaking for many people. Sharing ideas with others is frightening because they might get rejected. Gary Kapanowski recommends a few things to help calm fear. Practice in front of a mirror, then in front of a pet or a few friends or family members. Deep breathing exercises help, as does focusing on a special spot in the room.

Embrace the Topic

People who don’t care about their topics can’t engage an audience. Gary Kapanowski recommends speaking in public on topics that stir emotions and passion. For example, a human resources worker may not want to give a speech on manufacturing statistics. However, that worker is ideal for a presentation on workplace bullying prevention. According to Gary Kapanowski, adding appropriate humor or anecdotes helps, too; it shows the speaker has warmed to the audience and wants to share special details with them.

Know the Audience

Don’t condescend to the audience, but don’t talk over their heads, either. If the audience is well-versed in Six Sigma, go ahead and use technical terms. If they’re not, Gary Kapanowski recommends you speak on a more casual level and keep explanations simple.



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