Frequent Flyer: Gary Kapanowski Shares the Benefits of International Travel

Gary Kapanowski is best known as one of Detroit’s best accountants and financial advisors. For decades, Gary Kapanowski worked to improve business models for many accounting firms and other companies. In addition, Gary Kapanowski is a seasoned international traveler. Today, Gary Kapanowski shares several benefits of international travel with readers.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Learning Opportunities

Gary Kapanowski knows every visit to a foreign country holds learning opportunities, particularly for businesspeople. An experienced traveler, Gary Kapanowski regularly visits England, France, Italy, Greece, Monte Carlo, and Spain, among other countries. In each country, he has explored different business models and manufacturing methods. Thus, he is able to transport the best of each country’s methods and work ethics to the United States. Gary Kapanowski and his fellow employees’ work shows a global mindset, open to change and growth.

Increased Empathy

As a prominent financial figure, Gary Kapanowski knows everyone has unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses. International travel has placed Gary Kapanowski and his associates in contact with several different cultures and customs, as well as the people who practice them. Learning and understanding new customs helps businesspeople increase their empathy for others. The diplomacy needed on foreign soil often serves workers well when they return to the home office, something Gary Kapanowski is well prepared to face.

Cultural Connections

As businesses work harder to “think globally,” it can be difficult to separate oneself from the comfortable culture of one’s own country. However, international travel opens the traveler to all kinds of new locations, foods, languages, clothing styles, and more. Gary Kapanowski believes ravel encourages relaxation and opening up to new ideas, which encourages creativity at work and in leisure time.



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