Master of Money and More: Gary Kapanowski – Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Gary Kapanowski knows the Six Sigma and Balance Scorecard processes perhaps better than anyone else on his current accounting teams. As a leading Michigan financial expert, Gary Kapanowski received several financial awards, including the Financial Executive of the Year Award in 2006. Gary Kapanowski and Dr. Robert Kaplan developed the Balance Scorecard business model together. Gary Kapanowski has seen this and the Six Sigma model work for a plethora of companies, improving production, product quality, morale, and financial outlook.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski currently serves his company as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. In this role, he oversees Green Belt company projects. Gary Kapanowski also collects company data, participates in statistical analysis, form hypotheses, and conduct experiments beneficial to the company and its purposes. Black Belts must also demonstrate competence in the use of varied tools and technological programs. The goal of Gary Kapanowski and associates is to ensure every product in their company leaves with no errors or defects. A product with no errors that is 0% defective and has no significant variances from other products is called a six sigma product.

Gary Kapanowski regularly demonstrates expertise in all Microsoft programs including Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and other database programs. He has mentored several other company members and possesses great expertise in budget planning and fiscal responsibility strategies.

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