Gary Kapanowski: Eli Broad College

Gary Kapanowski earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, the first member of his family to do so. With that achievement under his belt, he went on to graduate school at Michigan State University, where he enrolled in the Eli Broad College of Business and earned his Master of Business Administration.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski received a thorough business education at the Broad College. Broad is the second-ranked graduate business program in the United States for placement success, according to Financial Times magazine. Globally, the Broad College is the fourth-ranked in its placement success. Broad is known for developing each student’s capacity for team collaboration in each student, along with creative problem solving.

Gary Kapanowski finished in the top twenty percent of his graduating class and earned himself membership in the Michigan State University Beta Gamma Sigma society, a national academic honor society, the premier honor society recognizing business excellence.

Gary Kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski holds certification in Lean Process Improvement from St. Clair County Community College, and Certification in Lean Six Sigma from Lawrence Technological University. He is also a certified tutor with the Macomb Literacy Partners in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Gary Kapanowski is also involved in the revitalization of Detroit. He applauded the ruling of a federal judge on November 7, 2014, that confirmed the city’s plan of adjustment and paved the way for the city to exit bankruptcy. With debts approaching twenty billion dollars, the city had filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy about a year and a half earlier, the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in United States history.

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