Gary Kapanowski: Lawrence Tech Lecturer

Gary Kapanowski is currently a Lecturer and at Lawrence Technological University Professional Development Center in Southfield, Michigan. The University, which has consistently been listed as a top institution, been in existence for more than eighty years, and continues to provide students with an exemplary education in architecture, science, engineering and applied technology.

gary kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski is proud to be associated with Lawrence Technological University, which was founded during a period of great innovation and growth in American industry during the 1930s. Gary Kapanowski is currently working toward his Master Public Speaking Certification, and hopes to capitalize on his public speaking experience and education to not only become a more refined and effective public speaker, but to continue to build on what has been an extensive and accomplished professional career.

gary kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski is a veteran accounting expert who has delivered numerous presentations to audiences in multiple environments and of various sizes. He has always displayed a strong public speaking ability, but with a Lawrence Public Speaking Certification, he hopes to continue down the road to continued public speaking success.

Gary Kapanowski1

Currently employed at Moeller Manufacturing in Wixom, Michigan, Gary Kapanowski has a total of 353 hours of lecturing experience over 54 events, and has enjoyed the opportunity to speak at more than thirty events. Every one is different. His experience includes giving presentations to audiences ranging from as few as five people to over fifteen hundred, and he has learned that by tailoring his remarks based on the size of the crowd, he is usually able to reach his listeners with his message.

Gary Kapanowski understands how to optimize his presentations through the use of technology, although he can speak with or without visual aids. The different media that Gary Kapanowski has used to enhance his presentational effectiveness include PowerPoint, radio and the Internet.

Gary Kapanowski :



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