Gary Kapanowski: The FEYA Award

Gary Kapanowski is an experienced team leader who understands what it means to not only delegate responsibility and create professional accountability, but also to provide his team with the tools and guidance they need to meet objectives and exceed expectations.

Gary Kapanowski

As a team leader, he also understands what is needed in order to teach, train and mentor other business professionals, and to improve their opportunities for professional success and goal completion. Gary Kapanowski himself learned from a man he regards as one of the best. “I was trained in a seminar by Dr. [Robert] Kaplan – the guru of the Balance Scorecard – which is how I won the 2006 FEYA award,” the Financial Executive of the Year award.

gary kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski has long experience as a corporate trainer, someone who improves employee knowledge of various business processes and systems and empowering his coworkers with the tools needed to become more efficient and effective assets to the company. He created and delivered many high-quality training presentations for Williams International in 2002. Gary Kapanowski has also delivered effective training on the use of Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Gary Kapanowski1

One of Gary Kapanowski’s most important accomplishments came as a member of the Institute of Management Accountants, or IMA, between 2005 and 2007. With the creation of a high-quality, efficient and effective Benchmarking and Balance Scorecard for nonprofit membership based organizations, he developed a process that allowed organizations to improve both customer and member retention and improve organizational goals.

Gary Kapanowski has also provided Cendrowski Selecky and Williams International with policy, procedure and work paper referencing training and update during his tenure as a professional trainer.

Gary Kapanowski – Website:-



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