Gary Kapanowski: Part of The DCAA Compliance Team

Gary Kapanowski is an experienced accountant who spent most of his career working in the defense, manufacturing and the aviation industries. He is an expert at using his accounting and auditing skills to provide the government agencies with high-quality reports and maintain compliance. He has consistently provided employers with outstanding service and demonstrated his commitment to excellence for every job he has undertaken.

gary kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski was previously part of the DCAA compliance team and a liaison who was responsible for developing and receiving approval of forward price rates, overheads, accounting changes and comprehensive business plans. He was responsible for creating numerous Closure and Design-to-Cost reports during his time at DCAA. Gary Kapanowski tries to stay current with the trends within his industry, which allows him to stay current on changes that could negatively affect impact the company.


Gary Kapanowski was responsible for performing regulatory compliance auditing for several government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Defense Advanced Research Agency, the ISO and DCAA. He stays current on Government Auditing Standards and Federal Acquisition Regulations. Gary Kapanowski provided all three industries with dedicated service and unmatched accounting expertise during his eleven year tenure.

gary kapanowski

He is proud to have been an integral part of each particular industry, and has received many awards and earned the utmost respect from his colleagues. Gary Kapanowski’s hard work kept several important government agencies both compliant and operational. He played a major role in the performance of the aviation, advanced manufacturing and defense industry. He currently holds an inactive security clearance.

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