Gary Kapanowski : Researched Workforce Trends 2015

Many articles and reports are surfacing regarding the trends in 2015. I researched trends in the workforce to see what is new and changing in best practices. I was surprised that contrary to general news reports, 36% of employers are expecting to hire full time employees in 2015, up 12% from 2014.

 gary kapanowski

This is contrary to many reports that employers are looking to reduce employee hours under full time employment and expecting to hire only part time employees. Below I list several other contrary to public option on hiring and working environments.

  • Minimum wage increase: 45% of employers to increase wages, 83% increase above $2.
  • Small business employment increase: 29% to add full time employees, up 22%.
  • Stricter education requirements: more complex and data driven roles; 28% now hiring master than undergrad degree, 37% now hiring undergrad degrees than high school.
  • Part time job increase: increase of 23%, up 6% from last year
  • Elimination of cubical walls: more open space for improved communications.

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