Gary Kapanowski: Michigan State University Alumni

Gary Kapanowski is proud to be an alumnus of both Michigan State University, where he completed graduate school, and of Michigan University in Ann Arbor. He finished the MSU graduate program in the top twenty percent of his class, making him eligible for membership in the Beta Gamma Sigma organization. Gary Kapanowski was honored to have become a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma organization, which recognizes students for excellence in approved university business programs all over the world.

Gary Kapanowski

It was through hard work, a commitment to academic excellence and dedication. Beta Gamma Sigma is an international academic honor society that searches for and recognizes business students’ commitment and dedication to academia and their work within the business community. It’s through his involvement with Beta Gamma Sigma that Gary Kapanowski was able to enjoy the highest caliber of academic and financial resources. This was invaluable to laying the foundation and helping him build a successful business career.

gary kapanowski

Gary Kapanowski has worked with various types of industries, but specialized in the following areas; Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Defense Advanced Research Agency. Gary Kapanowski provided all three industries with dedicated service and unmatched accounting expertise during his eleven year tenure. He is proud to have been an integral part of each particular industry, and has received many awards and earned the utmost respect from his colleagues. Gary Kapanowski’s hard work kept several important government agencies both compliant and operational.

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